Call: 07 777 2150 | Bounce sessions start on the hour & half hour|enquiries@xtremeair.co.nz

Prices at Xtreme Air

Up to 60 mins

  • For all jumpers 5 years old and above

Up to 90 mins

  • For all jumpers 5 years old and above

Up to 2 Hours

  • For all jumpers 5 years old and above

Under 5s

  • 1x Under 5 free per full paying adult for up to 90 min session 10am – 3.30pm during term times and school days

Family Pass

  • 2 Adults + 2 Kids or
    1 Adult + 3 Kids

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Spectators Free?2017-11-28T03:43:37+00:00

Yes of course, we even have central viewing areas to ensure spectators are right in the middle of the action!

Are there age restrictions?2018-01-06T02:33:05+00:00

Not a chance! If you can walk you can jump.  Children under 11 must be actively supervised at all times, and Children 11-16 must have a parent or guardian on Xtreme Air site at all times.

Do I have to book?2017-11-28T03:46:04+00:00

Our guests do not necessarily have to book. We’re a large park and usually have good capacity, however, as we would hate for you to turn up and were full, you may give us a call to check!

Do I need socks?2021-04-12T14:59:01+00:00

All jumpers are required to wear Xtreme Air Grip socks in order to jump.   These are specially designed for our trampolines and meet our Health, Safety and Hygiene requirements.  This also brings us in line with best practice for indoor trampoline parks in NZ and beyond.

Socks can be worn for multiple jump sessions and we recommend a cold wash and drip dry to prolong their life and grip.  Don’t forget to bring them each time!



Do you have a café or coffee?2017-12-12T16:12:20+00:00

We offer a selection of cold drinks and snacks. There is also a café in the entertainment centre.

Is there a weight limit?2017-11-28T03:44:07+00:00

No Way, if you can walk, you can jump at Xtreme Air. Bouncing is a great form of exercise for all.

What are your opening Hours?2021-04-12T15:00:08+00:00

We’re located within the Motion Entertainment Centre and our hours are 10:00am – 10:00pm, every day.

Entry for last jumpers is 9.00pm daily.

Why do I need to sign a waiver?2018-01-06T02:34:09+00:00

Waivers are a standard requirement for most ‘Xtreme’ activities in New Zealand. It’s a good way to ensure all of our jumpers or caregivers understand that jumpers understand the risks, the rules of our tramp park and know they are responsible for judging their own limits.