Rotorua Tramp Park Activities

Bounce Sessions

This is our most popular activity in our Rotorua tramp park. Just walk in and start jumping! Bounce session participants have full use of the tramp parks’s activities. Explore our many floor and wall tramps. ‘Bust a move’ on our tricking platforms before moving on to our dedicated dodge ball and basketball areas. Last, but not least, test your balance and coordination on our ‘Battle Beam’ where you can challenge your friends and family to a duel.

  • 1 hour, 1.5 hour or 2 hour sessions available.

  • Sessions start on the hour & half hour.

  • Sessions 10:00am – 9:30pm, 7 days a week!

Jumpers need to arrive just before the start of the session. Our friendly trained staff will get youto read and sign a waiver, explain the safety rules and then attach an entry wristband.  After that, our guests are let loose in our amazing tramp park, located at the Motion Entertainment Park!


For those who love a little competition, we invite our Bounce Session jumpers to take part in our Dodgeball tournaments held here in the Xtreme Air Rotorua Tramp Park.

  • Dedicated Dodgeball Trampoline Court

  • Sessions on demand

  • Optionally supervised and umpired by our staff (just ask)

  • Staff team-building tournaments a speciality!

  • Great for school groups

Dodgeball is pretty addictive. If you want to play regularly, just ask about our upcoming league!

Rotorua Dodge Ball
Rotorua Trampoline Lessons

Jump Squad

Want to trampoline like a pro? Take advantage of our expert staff who will help you get the best from our Rotorua tramp park.

  • Regular Weekly Jump Classes.

  • Beginner & Intermediate Sessions.

  • Fully supervised with expert tuition.

  • Contact Us for prices and session times.

We will help you master everything from a straight jump, moving on to a tucks, pikes & straddle jumps. Beyond that we’ll introduce you to some new moves (and some new words) with fliffus, triffus, adys and more!


Need a little bit of a ‘boost’ to make that slam dunk you’ve always dreamed about? Try our ‘super-hooper’ …. sorry, ‘super-dooper’ Basketball area. use tramp power to sail yourself through the air and make that basket!

  • Dedicated tramp’ powered basketball hoop

  • Suitable for all ages & skill levels.

  • Extra padding to catch the most enthusiastic dunker

And if you need some tips, just ask one of our friendly staff to show you how to make the perfect slam dunk.